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SAGD Drilling Optimization 2015: Well Placement & Integrity Congress

Total investment in Canadian oil sands projects during 2014-38 exceeds $514 billion, with production forecasts of 3.7 million b/d in 2020 and 5.2 million b/d by 2030. SAGD presents the greatest opportunity for growth in oil sands production, and with lead E&Ps reporting capital cost projections per SAGD thermal project reaching $440 million, coupled with ongoing crude pricing dynamics, it is now more important than ever to reduce costs whilst maximizing recovery.

At no stage in SAGD is this more important than in drilling, and a sound program is critical to making sure wells are drilled quickly, cheaply and with maximized production results, through optimized well placement and integrity.


It is only through integration of best practices and latest technologies for cementing, casing, ranging, directional drilling and more that operators can reduce costs whilst maximizing ROP as well as ensuring future production and completions are optimized at the drilling stage.

The inaugural SAGD Drilling Optimization 2015: Well Placement & Integrity Congress will be the first dedicated event for drilling professionals, gathering up-to-the-minute case studies from leading E&Ps in SAGD operations to maximize ROP whilst reducing time and cost.


Consisting entirely of operator-led case studies using production data and well failure analysis, each presentation will focus specifically on SAGD operation results and the resulting implications for drilling efficiency maximization.

Day 1 Will start by evaluating ranging tools and directional drilling best practices to optimize downhole well spacing, infill drilling and hot re entry to optimize recovery from virgin and pre-heated reservoirs. It will then determine the most cost-effective fluid and sand systems for faster, cleaner and more sustainable drilling operations.

Day 2 Will then provide operations insights into utilizing well failure analysis to inform cost effective liquid and sand system selection. It will also establish cementing & casing best practices to cost effectively maximize ROP whilst ensuring well integrity, stability and safety.



The first ever cost reduction congress based on production data to dedicated to maximizing ROP & reservoir recovery in SAGD drilling operations

Leading E&P companies will be utilizing well failure analysis and specific capital costs to determine best practices for maximizing integrity as well as assessing production data to determine the optimum wellbore and downhole placement during drilling to maximize recovery. The SAGD Drilling Optimization 2015: Well Placement & Integrity Congress will deliver over 20 case studies from leading E&Ps working in SAGD operations in Canada.

  • COST REDUCTION: Taking Into Account Ongoing Crude Pricing Dynamics To Reveal The Most Cost Effective SAGD Drilling Solutions
  • WELL FAILURE ANALYSIS: Utilizing Well Failure Analysis To Determine Best Practices For Maximizing Integrity
  • PRODUCTION DATA FOR WELL PLACEMENT: Assessing Production Data To Determine The Optimum Wellbore And Downhole Placement During Drilling To Maximize Recovery
  • CEMENTING OPTIMIZATION: Selecting The Best Cement Blend And The Best Cement Placement For Optimal Casing Design To Maintain Cap Rock Integrity
  • CASING & LINER SELECTION: Evaluating The Optimal Selection And Installation Of Casing And Liner For Optimal Liner Permeability And Maturation Of The Wellbore
  • DRILLING FLUID & SAND SYSTEMS: Determining The Best Liquid And Sand Systems For Faster, Cleaner And Stronger Drilling Operations


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